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Union opposes plans to increase teachers’ working hours

Budapest, April 14 (MTI) – Government plans to increase teachers’ working hours by 30 percent would result in thousands losing their jobs, the head of the Democratic Trade Union of Teachers told MTI on Thursday.

The proposal was prepared by the economy ministry without coordination with affected parties, said Laszlo Mendrey. He quoted a study prepared last year which showed that the average number of hours that teachers had to spend in class or preparing for class per week was 51 and added that it would be impossible to increase this any further.

According to the plan, teachers’ wages would remain unchanged, Mendrey said. He added that in contrast, the latest draft the trade union had heard of included a 10 percent decrease in working hours.

The government is expected to discuss the plans on April 20.

The positions of the Ministry of National Resources and the Economy Ministry differ on several issues, including the increase in teachers’ working hours.


Student shoots out of dorm window in Debrecen

A Debrecen student shot with an air riffle out of the window of his college dorm, reports Hungarian TV2 Tények.

A local TV station crew in Debrecen was just working in a nearby location when they saw a person shoot out of a top floor window, of the technical depts. dorm building, aiming at someone on the street.  It turned out that he was aiming for a sign, and that it was university students having fun.

-Sadly, they appear to think of this as  “but teacher, we were just playing”.  But this is no game, says Edit Szücs Emilné Varga, decan of Debrecen University’s Dept. of Technology.

She also expresses that the huge disgrace these students have brought to the faculty’s name, and the Debrecen University’s name “infront of nation and world, – none of my students are allowed to do this”

The students will most likely not be allowed to stay in the college dorm, the TV station reports.

The incident, that brings back memories of the 2009 shootings at Pécs University, where a teacher was shot and killed, while the shooters lab partner was wounded, is beeing investigated by the police.