Google Street View in Hungary?

Jóri András, data protection ombudsman looks to be saying yes to accept the Google Street View into Hungary, given that they agree on the terms he has set up.
Google’s Hungary office is in talks with the ombudsman, but are rather silent about the progress of the talks.

It looks like the strict data protection policy that has in the past years hindered Google to create panoramic street images in European countries. for then presenting them on their Google Maps Street View, is loosening.

Last week the Germans, who have traditionally acted strict in regards of protecting their personal data and photos gave up and now twenty German cities may be viewed in panoramic photos, among them being Berlin, Hamburg and Munich.   The German solution did however only come to life after a comprehensive compromise had been reached, with property owners being individually able to decide whether they wish to have their buildings and gardens appear on the Google Map Street View site, or have their property censored.  As a result the company had to remove 244.000 buildings from the map service,  which means that of 8,5 million German real estate owners about 3 percent chose to hide.  The most ironic example being Google’s own Munich office in Dienerstrasse 12 being  censored out of the Street View.

Pizza Hut out of Hungary?

The first ever Pizza Hut to be opened in Hungary has recently shut its doors.  The business that was located on the corner of Király and Nagykörút  and opened 18 years ago.

Not long ago the chain’s other downtown restaurant in Károly körút was closed.  The company running the chain, Amrest Kft.’s quarterly report tells that the number of restaurants have dropped to two: In Pólu Center and Aréna Plaza.  At the start of this year there were five restaurants.

The food delivery service has also stopped, while it’s still possible to order take away food, it has to be collected at one of the two restaurants.

The very first Pizza Hut opened in 1992 in Hungary.  Besides Budapest, there were restaurants operating in Győr, Pécs, Miskolc and Szeged.  In 2006 a 12 new restaurants were opened in Hungary.  According to the Wikipedia article about it’s Hungarian business at the it’s peak there were 22 restaurants operating throughout the country.   According to Amrest’s 2006 report they started the year of 2006 with 12 restaurants, but since then they have been closing one after the other.

An interesting note might be that the number of KFC restaurants, also operated by Amrest Kft. has grown.