The Washington Post attacks Orbán once again.

After The Washington Post on Sunday went on to write about something that can be described as the Putinization of Hungary, this time it’s The Washington Post’s Eastern European expert, Anne Applebaum writes in the newspaper’s Tuesday edition that the Hungarian democracy is at danger, newssite reports.

“Jeopardizing democracy in Hungary”, was the title of the column Anne Applebaum wrote in the Tuesday edition in The Washington Post.
It is because of the new media law that she is worried about the Hungarian freedom.

The author, famous for her research on communist crimes, is the wife of the Polish Foreign Minister, but her writings are independent of the Polish governments viewpoints.
Applebaum was celebrated by Tibor Navracsics and Laszló Kövér last week.

She warns that while in Belarus the dicatorship is kept in power with violence, the democracy in Hungary is evolving towards a one party system by administrative means.
She looks at the new media law as a step towards this direction.

Applebaum writes that “Indeed, when the authors of the American constitution worried about the “tyranny of the majority,” they might have had Viktor Orban, the Hungarian prime minister, in mind.”

The column is found here.

Hungary returns to the Eurovision Song Contest.

Hungary is returning to the Eurovision Song Contest in Düsseldorf, Germany, next year.

The Hungarian public broadcaster MTV (Magyar Televízió) has informed the EBU, European Broadcasting Union about their plans to take part in the song contest next year, according to a Hungarian ESC fansite.
The details for the Hungarian selection process for the ESC 2011 will be announced in January.

Last year the Hungarian entry was withdrawn from the ESC by the national broadcaster.

One in ten Hungarians are behind on their utility bills.

In six years the number of persons in debt towards the utility providing companies has doubled.

In the last six years the number of people in debt towards their utility company has almost doubled, the number of debters has risen to one million people.

The person behind the study, lawyer  Balazs Herpai, tells that six years ago the number of people with outstanding bills towards the electricity-, gas- and heating companies numbered 596 thousand persons, owing amounts of different sizes, last year the number was a total of 1.129 million people.

Consumer electronics are this years hits under the Hungarian Christmas tree.

Consumer electronics are this years most bought christmas gifts, with Soda Machines, LCD Tvs, laptops, digital cameras, smartphones, dishwashers, household applicances and computer games being this years’ hit under the Hungarian Christmas tree. People are more open to buy expensive products online. According to a recent poll 64 percent of the asked suggests that buying holiday presents online is a way of reducing the christmas shopping stress. 8 of 10 asked find it complicated and tiring to shop for christmas presents. Near half of the asked go shopping for gifts at more than three occasions, while a quarter answered spend more than three hours each time at often crowded shops.  The men are more efficient than the women at shopping.

Hungarian Heat Record Broken

There have never been recorded on December 7th such heat as this Tuesday.  In Sellye, in Baranya county the peek of the days heat was 18,5 celsius degrees.  The record until now was measured in 1969 at Szekszárd, where there were a 16,4 degrees celsius.