Sziget Festival reaches agreement with Budapest

Sziget Festival and the Budapest city authorities have come to an agreement on the use of the island Hajógyári Sziget.

Sziget Kft, the organizers of the festival will pay a 50 million HUF fee for the use of the island, and the local Budapest authorities will on the other hand develop a service package for the visitors to the Sziget Festival that includes among others discounted use of the BKV public transport services, discounted access to the publicly owned Budapest thermal baths and the Budapest Zoo.  A further 100 million HUF that proceeds from the sales of such packages will also be transferred from Sziget Kft to the local Budapest authorities.

Frozen School Children Get Back Heating In Classrooms

After beeing cut of from gas supplies for not having been able to pay the shools gas bills since October, the school in Villány now finally gets back it’s heating after a businessman gave a boiler as a gift

The school located in Borsod county has been without gas since October, as the supplier cut of gas supplies due to debt.  Since then the school has been tried kept warm with heat rays.
The village still doesn’t have money, and now the food supplies are low, and the cafeteria might leave about 400 students and elderly people without dinner.

The school in Vilmány was gifted with a new boiler from a businessman.  Now the school is kept heated with left over parquet floor from the renovation of the Mayor’s office and other wood waste.

In October the gas was turned off, then for one month there was a forced school break, and after that they had to start the teaching again, because the students would not be able to replace the number of missing hours in the classroom until the summer school break.  This is when they started to try make heat in the classrooms with the use of heat ray equipment, with more or less success.

This is why the students sat in the classroom in their jackets and sweaters during class. From tomorrow there will be heat in seven classrooms, and as of February the school will get one more boiler, and if the rest of the remaining wood will last, there will be heating in the whole school.

The village still is in lack of money.  Now the food supplies have gone empty.  They say that the school kitchen only has enough food for a couple of days tops.  In the village with 1400 inhabitants, 360 students and elderly eat at the school.  They might now be without dinner for a couple of days.

Source: – Hungarian National Broadcaster News.

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Orbán and Hungary given two weeks

The European Comission gives Viktor Orbán two weeks to show it’s new media law complies with EU rules.
Even if Hungary is the leader of the bloc the next six months, the EU might take legal actions if Viktor Orbán and his government doesn’t change the controversial media law.  France, Germany and Britain have been harsh critics of the new media law, with concerns that the new Hungarian media law contravenes European regulations on freedom and broadcasting.

Orbán said that if the EU executive obliged him to do so, he would amend the media law.

3 girls killed in Budapest disco panic.

The panic incident on Saturday night at the club West Balkan near Nyugati Station resultated in 3 girls dead.

The club had a permission to operate, but only until 22:00 and with a maximum of 300 guests.  Still, according to the Saturday night party’s organizor over 2000 people were in the club when the panic erupted.  The whole incident resulted in people beeing sent out of the club in just their t-shirts.  Several eye-witnesses tell about pushing that started out in the cloak room, where, according to one boy: “Was so full that you didn’t have to keep yourself standing up, as there were people all around, holding you up”.  Many others report about people suddenly tipping over, and with a domino effect taking a huge part of the crowd down, where there were several people on top of each other.  One apparantly affected girl says “It was just so full of people that it tipped over, and then I had to be pulled out by eight people.  I am very grateful for those that helped me”

The clubs owners say that they don’t assume any responsibility, as the location was rented out for a party, and that they were present with their own crew.

According to Hungarian TV station, RTL Klub’s news, the clubs owners had been tricking the local authorities with their license applications by withdrawing them after having submitted them. Then placing their applications at the back of the line and by this they were able to operate freely while the application was in for concideration.

The below videos might give an impression of the panic of the many people trying to exit, as well as the huge crowd wanting to get in:

More Hungarians weigh job more important than family

A national survey reveals attitudes of Hungarians towards work and family.  Work keeps winning.

Less people in Hungary think that family is more important than work.
This conclusion is made after a Hungarian survey reveals that more Hungarians think work is more important.  The same survey, made ten years ago showed results with the family beeing more important.

According to the vice director at Demographic Research Institute (DRI), at the Hungarian Statistical Office, the agency behind the survey, 3/4 of the asked in 2000, both men and women thought the family to be more important than work.  She points out that there are still over 50% that think of the family to be more important, but are decreasing.

Important factors are the trends in Europe generally, where The Netherlands is beeing pointed out, with 38% of the population concidering family more important. In addition women going to work, with also more focus on their carreers and a more equal balance with both parents raising children.

Student shoots out of dorm window in Debrecen

A Debrecen student shot with an air riffle out of the window of his college dorm, reports Hungarian TV2 Tények.

A local TV station crew in Debrecen was just working in a nearby location when they saw a person shoot out of a top floor window, of the technical depts. dorm building, aiming at someone on the street.  It turned out that he was aiming for a sign, and that it was university students having fun.

-Sadly, they appear to think of this as  “but teacher, we were just playing”.  But this is no game, says Edit Szücs Emilné Varga, decan of Debrecen University’s Dept. of Technology.

She also expresses that the huge disgrace these students have brought to the faculty’s name, and the Debrecen University’s name “infront of nation and world, – none of my students are allowed to do this”

The students will most likely not be allowed to stay in the college dorm, the TV station reports.

The incident, that brings back memories of the 2009 shootings at Pécs University, where a teacher was shot and killed, while the shooters lab partner was wounded, is beeing investigated by the police.

Hungarian company brings 3D to Las Vegas

As 3D TV believers keep growing, the technical aspects of the 3D TV still has some missing elements.  There’s not enough content, and most people would opt for not wearing glasses for the sake of the 3D experience.  At the CES, the Hungarian company iPont Kft is showing its solutions for exactly these issues.

The 3D is quite popular at the movies, but these films are still not able to break into peoples living room.
One of the minor, of several reasons for this is that the 3D TVs are more expensive than the ones thar are not.  This is because people have always bought expensive, unrelated to weather they were 3D or not, when it comes to viewer comfort, this becomes a new issue.  For viewing 3D movies, you will have to wear 3D glasses, some think they look ridiculous and most think of them as uncomfortable.

Hungarian company iPont, brought 3D content and players to the CES that are viewable withouth 3D glasses.

Korcsok Zoltán, CEO of iPont, says that they are presenting the concept of a product that is ment for the end user of the product, and that they are expecting the interest of large producers.  Adding, that even before the exhibit they received interest from a major television producer.  They are also expecting interest from others, such as TV networks, film studios, cinema chains as well as sport bars.

The device presented is capable of letting the viewer watch channels intended for 3D viewing, withouth 3D glasses.

Catherine Ashton will not celebrate with the Hungarians.

On Tuesday morning it was still the plan that Catherine Ashton, who is the EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, would attend the Hungarian EU Presidency inagurational celebration in the Hungarian Parliament.

On Thursday afternoon musical and cultural festivities will take place in the Hungarian parliament’s domehall. That is also the time for when Viktor Orbán, Hungarian Prime minister, will take over the EU flag, symolizing the EU Presidency, from the Belgian Prime minister.

Accoring to the original progam, the EU would be represented by Catherine Ashton, who is the unions’ High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy.