Application boom for Hungarian citizenship expected.

According to Hungarian newspaper Népszbadság, several hundred thousand ethnic Hungarians living in Transylvania may be applying for Hungarian citizenship, as Hungary opens for applications on Monday.

The Hungarian consulates in Bucharest, Miercurea Ciuc and Cluj Napoca will accept applications.

In Slovakia, ethnic Hungarians are expected to standby and wait with applying, with about one hundred people inquiring about this at the Hungarian consulates in Kosice and Bratislava.

Ukraine does in principle not recognize dual citizenship, but according to Népszabadság, this issue will most likely be sorted out for the about 150 000 ethnic Hungarians living in Ukraine.

In Israel, more than 15 000 residents have Hungarian citizenship.  Foreign Minister of Hungary, János Martonyi, said during his visit to Israel in November that the Israeli government accepts and supports dual-citizenship.