Frozen School Children Get Back Heating In Classrooms

After beeing cut of from gas supplies for not having been able to pay the shools gas bills since October, the school in Villány now finally gets back it’s heating after a businessman gave a boiler as a gift

The school located in Borsod county has been without gas since October, as the supplier cut of gas supplies due to debt.  Since then the school has been tried kept warm with heat rays.
The village still doesn’t have money, and now the food supplies are low, and the cafeteria might leave about 400 students and elderly people without dinner.

The school in Vilmány was gifted with a new boiler from a businessman.  Now the school is kept heated with left over parquet floor from the renovation of the Mayor’s office and other wood waste.

In October the gas was turned off, then for one month there was a forced school break, and after that they had to start the teaching again, because the students would not be able to replace the number of missing hours in the classroom until the summer school break.  This is when they started to try make heat in the classrooms with the use of heat ray equipment, with more or less success.

This is why the students sat in the classroom in their jackets and sweaters during class. From tomorrow there will be heat in seven classrooms, and as of February the school will get one more boiler, and if the rest of the remaining wood will last, there will be heating in the whole school.

The village still is in lack of money.  Now the food supplies have gone empty.  They say that the school kitchen only has enough food for a couple of days tops.  In the village with 1400 inhabitants, 360 students and elderly eat at the school.  They might now be without dinner for a couple of days.

Source: – Hungarian National Broadcaster News.

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