RMDSZ and FIDESZ-KDNP have common interests

New RMDSZ leader for Hungarians in Transylvania: RMDSZ and FIDESZ have common interests.

The Democratic Alliance of Hungarians in Romania (RMDSZ) and Fidesz-KDNP have common interests, and more things connect the two than divides them – Kelemen Hunor answered on a question from MTI Hungarian News Agency Corp.
The newly elected leader of RMDSZ indicated to delegations and press that he was seeking correct relationships to the government in Hungary.

Wizz Air Launches flights from Macedonia

Wizz Air, the largest low fare – low cost airline in Central and Eastern Europe announced at a press conference today that it would enter the Macedonian market by opening a new route from Skopje to London-Luton, as of 20 June. The flight will be operated initially three times a week.

József Váradi, Chief Executive Officer of Wizz Air said: “As the first low cost carrier in the country, Wizz Air is delighted to offer its services to the Macedonian passengers, who can now enjoy our truly affordable fares coupled with great travel experience all along their journey. Our market entry will boost the passenger traffic and will have an accelerator effect on the local businesses and employment as well. ”
Murat Örnekol, Chief Operations Officer of TAV Airports stated: “We are excited to have Wizz Air, the largest CEE airline, entering Macedonia, and cooperating with Alexander The Great airport in Skopje, operated by TAV, a major global airport company. Our passengers will have the pleasure of cost effective and comfortable flights and we are looking forward to seeing increased passenger traffic.”
All the flights are on sale on wizzair.com with fares starting from as low as EUR 34,99 (one way, all inclusive).
Wizz Air Press Release (www.wizzair.com)

Approximately 100 European citizens evacuated from Libya by Malév aircraft

Photo: malev.com

The Malév Boeing 737-800 carrying Hungarians and citizens of other European countries trapped in Libya touched down at Budapest’s Ferihegy International Airport yesterday evening. The special flight arrived with a total of 96 passengers (including 24 Hungarians) from 10 countries.

The Malév jet was met by Minister of Foreign Affairs János Martonyi and Minister of Defence Csaba Hende. Nearly 50 journalists were at the airport to record the arrival of the flight from Tripoli. Speaking to journalists, the foreign minister mentioned his especial thanks to Sándor Pintér, interior minister, and János Hajdú, head of the Anti-Terrorism Centre (TEK). Furthermore, he expressed his gratitude to Malév Chief Operational Officer Géza Fehérváry, who was also the captain of the special charter flight, and the entire crew who flew into Tripoli. The foreign minister also mentioned the work of the staff of the embassy in Tripoli, who are remaining in Libya.
As regards the repatriation of those who arrived on the aircraft, János Martonyi congratulated everyone for the exemplary cooperation. He said he considered the fact that citizens of 10 European nations, including Romanians, Lithuanians, Poles, Czechs and the Czech ambassador, were brought out to be of particular symbolic significance. This is an excellent example that we Hungarians are capable of working together when we have to, he stressed.

Csaba Hende commented that this “brilliantly executed rescue mission” was decided on by the government at a late evening session on Saturday, when it was agreed that an aircraft of the national carrier would be despatched to Tripoli. Under no circumstances will Hungary leave one of its citizens in trouble, and if needs be we will go for everyone, even to the ends of the earth, he said. The defence minister, too, thanked everyone for their cooperation. Money was not an issue; the important thing was human life and the security of Hungarians, he emphasized.

The crew of the Malév Tripoli flight and the Malév experts who readied the flight fulfilled this unusual mission faultlessly. In addition to maintaining constant liaison with the government and TEK, flight preparations were conducted extremely swiftly, as were the necessary flight authorizations, as a consequence of which flight MA1304 was able to depart for Tripoli on Sunday morning, and where, having touched down, it was only able to make the return journey after a lengthy wait. The reason for the delay was that passengers for the Malév service were able to get into the airport only with great difficulty owing to the chaotic situation at the terminal. Thanks to the efforts of the Hungarian embassy, the Anti-Terrorism Centre, the charity organization Baptist Aid and the crew of the Malév flight, the Boeing was able to take off on the return leg to Budapest at 5.30 pm Hungarian time. It landed at Ferihegy just after 8 pm local time.

Flight crew:

Capt. Géza Fehérváry, chief operational officer, corporate chief pilot
Capt. János Keszőcze, B737 chief pilot
Capt. Zoltán Kozma, manager Flight Supervisory Office
Miklós Werner, first officer, deputy head training

Frigyes Kontra, chief purser
Márton Tegze, chief purser
Iván Reiner, flight attendant
Zoltán Császár, flight attendant

courtesy of malev.com

Source: Malev.com Press Release
All images courtesy of MALÉV.

Orbán Agrees with EU on Media Law

In the new law text blogs will not have to be registered, and media companies registered abroad can not be punished.  Viktor Orban said in his speech in Parliament on Monday that the government had struck back on baseless accusations against the new media law and that noone could talk into Hungarian issues. However they still agreed with the European Commission on what they have to change on in the new media law.  According to Zoltan Kovacs, responsible for government communication the agreement reached now does not involve a loss of prestige for the government, since the intention of the law remains the same.

Hungarian Police Bans Queer Pride Parade.

Sándor Steigler, leader of the ‘Rainbow Mission Foundation’, confirms this for hirado.hu.  The police promises further orientation later.

The police did not give permission to this years Budapest pride parade, according to the mandiner.hu internet portal on Monday.  The news were confirmed by Sándor Steigler, leader of the ‘Rainbow Mission Foundation’ (Szivárvány Misszió Alapitvány), and adds; ‘the police was already informed about it in September, but they wanted last week to make the parade longer, reaching the Parliament.
The event that they announced to the authorities for June 18 would touch the Heroes Square, Andrassy Boulevard, Bajcsy Zsilinsky Street as well as the Kossuth Square (infront of the Parliament).  The representative for the organization said: The planned end of the parade was to be at the Kossuth Square, but this was forbidden by the police.  The Budapest Police Authorities (BRFK) claims they decided this with concerns towards the traffic. BRFK promised the Hungarian MTI that they would give further orientation.

The Pride March’s organizers contacted September last year the Budapest Police Authorities (BRKF) to inform them about the itinerary of the 2011 march.  “In line with tradition we would have liked to march from the Andrassy Boulevard to the Elisabeth Square” says Sándor Steigler.  The police did not indicate that they had any objections, meaning that they had understood the itinerary of the march. The leader of the Rainbow Mission Foundation said that they will take the decision to court.

The Institute for a Democratic Alternative (IDEA) also made their objection to the ban of the march.  According to a statement quoted by hirado.hu, they write: “With this Hungary “got” another chance to get on the “map” of European Human Rights.  According to IDEA the Hungarian Police Authorities (BRFK) doesn’t only ignore the European Court of Human Right’s ruling, but conciders the march to be a matter of mass transportation safety. Whereas “the disproportionate damage to the traffic due to the event” arguement has not been used on other marches made on similar routes through Budapest, such as the march of the bicyclers, firemen, horse riders or the Gallant National Gallop.

LMP: This is unacceptable

LMP – Lehet Más a Politika (Politics Can Be Different Party) says it’s shocking that the police keeps on, dispite the change of government, the Medgyessy
Gyurcsány government’s politics on this issue, trying control the free rights of the people, Andras Schiffer reacts.
Another politician at the party underlines that he wants to be of legal assistance.  He stated that LMP would after such incidents use the same scale as they would with the far right wing, or pacifist marches.  He reminded of that when he in the summer told in the Parliament that they wish to control “Organizations standing close to Jobbik’s” rights to meet and assembly.


1,5 billion HUF renovation project in Tihany to take off

Tihany, a city on the coast of lake Balaton, famous for it’s monastery, rich in lavenders fields and a major hot spot for tourism, is undergoing a significant HUF 1,5 billion renovation.

The heart of the renovation will be the creation of a new main square, but a lavender centre and a road of Legends is also on the menu.

The renovation project is scheduled to be happening this, and next year.

source: hirado.hu

Hungary Tourism Participates on Largest Tourism Fair in India.

Hungarian National Tourism Agency (Magyar Turizmus Zrt) participates on the largest travel fair in India.

Magyar Turizmus Zrt (MT Zrt) participates with three other Hungarian partner exhibitors on the SATTE exhibition, India’s largest travel fair.  According to a press release from the MT Zrt. “The Visegrád countries’ touristic offers are shown betweeen January 28-30 in New Delhi, on January 31st at the Calcutta workshop and on February 1-2 it will be shown in Mumbai”

A special target for the 2011 marketing plan for the national Hungarian Tourism agency are the emerging markets, with the Arab countries, South America and Asia, with especially China and India in focus.

Source hirado.hu

Apartment prices drop by one fourth in three years

The FHB Apartmentindex shows that the real estate prices decreased by 5,7 per cent last year, compared to 2009, in real terms meaning a 9,7 percent drop.  Since the start of the “financial crisis” (in three years) the prices of real estate has dropped nominally with 15, and in real terms 26 percent.

The transactions of apartments are at a decade low, with numbers of transactions dropped with one third.  While during the peak times in the first five years of this century, 200 thousand real estates traded owners, the number today is around 72 thousand, beeing at a worse level than expected.

Zöld Pardon and Rio buildings continue to function as warehouse.

The contracts for the two open air clubs located near the water and Petöfi bridge on the Buda side has ended, still the 11th District authorities don’t know what the destiny of Rio and Zöld Pardon will be.  The two clubs have earlier got billion dollar fines, but the exact amount was failed to be specified, and now the demand from the local 11th district authorities is only in the ten millions.  The pubs do not pay rent any more, yet the buildings still occupt space on public ground.

Since December 31, 2011 neither of the clubs, Zöld Pardon or Café del Rio has contracts, and it’s uncertain if there will be any new seasons for the highly crowded party scene during the spring and summer months.

When asked by Hungarian internet site index . hu, the 11th districts local mayor’s office states that: “In regards of a possible re-opening of the clubs we see it that, only payment of the outstanding debt can make a base for negotiations possible from the local government side.

Source: Index.hu