Transparency Released Today – Hungarian MPs’ Income Out On The Internet

As of today the members of the Hungarian Parliament (MPs) has their income and revenue statements for 2010 out on the internet.

The information about revenue and income of members of the Hungarian Parliament, as well as their partner/spouse’s, and children’s income for 2010 has been published and is available on the website of the Hungarian Parliament.
All MPs handed in their revenue statements until the deadline on Monday.

Source: Hungarian Broadcaster TV2

Earthquake hits Hungary

Several smaller earthquakes followed the major eartquake that hit Hungary at a 4.7 on the Richter’s Scale on Saturday.

The most powerful earthquake to hit Hungary in 25 years, measures at a 4.7 on the Richter’s Scale.  People report about windows and furniture shaking as an earthquake hit Hungary on Saturday. Some people didn’t dare to return to their homes in Budapest, as chimneys collapsed, walls moved and walls cracked up.  People didn’t know what happend fire department was run down with calls of worried people that were in need of information. Several infrastructural fascilities, such as bridges and highways has to be inspected to make sure they are fully intact, Hungarian TV2 reports.