Moskva Square May Be Renamed.

Istvan Tarlos, Mayor of Budapest has mixed emotions about the matter of renaming the public transport hub on the Buda side; Moskva Square.  The politician answered on a question on Wednesday that after concidering the case, he will reach the “most political” decision

In 2001, the Budapest City Council had a proposal up for vote on renaming the Square to Szell Kalman Square (Prime Minister of Hungary 1899-1903) This proposal was, however voted against by the MSZP (Socialist Party) –  SZDSZ (Free Democrats) majority in the council.  The right-wing political party Jobbik handed in a proposal in September last year to the Parliament, asking for the Moskva Square to take back it’s original Szell Kalman name.  The square named in 1929 after the former Hungarian Prime Minister was renamed Moskva Square in 1951.


Budapestians can breath better

The air quality in Budapest has improved, leaving no need for the use of the smog alert’s current level, says the Mayor’s Office.

The last couple of days records of concentration of the flying particles in the air has decreased.

According to the statement from the Mayor’s Office “the city’s Mayor would like to say thank you in realising the graveness of the situation spent less time in their cars and rather chose public transportation” At the same time he says thanks to those industrial companies that have in the recent time voluntarily decreased their polluting emissions into the air.