Malev raises kerosene surcharge as oil prices surge

Budapest, March 8, 2011 (MTI-ECONEWS) – Hungarian national carrier Malev is raising its kerosene surcharge by at most EUR 5 per passenger from March 8 because of rising oil prices, communications director Marta Rona said on Tuesday, answering a question by MTI.

Malev has been forced to raise the surcharge like many other European airlines, Mr Rona said.

Kerosene prices are set to rise 20pc in 2011, according to the latest projection by the International Air Transport Association (IATA).

Budapest’s new airport fools passengers

Based on an index. hu review:

Right after entering the airport we could see that Hungary’s new airport fools the unsuspecting traveller in such a way, that in comparison, our earlier undercover foreigner trips were a free ride, including taxi drivers reciting Shakespeare.
Because, what is the first thing that hits the eye of a foreigner arriving at the airport? A brand new, wide, clean shaped building made of glass and steel.

We wonder if this makes the foreigner prepared for the sight bombaring passengers into town from the airport, the fight fought with taxi drivers, or – to stay with arcitecture – the National Theatre?

No, all of this seems  from this point of view twice as big of a strike.  It would be more honest towards the tourists to welcome them in a steel barak decoreated with The Holy Crown of Hungary, with a bilingual writing on the top, in Hungarian: “Back with Transylvania and Upper Hungary” in English translation “The duty free is open, please buy things, we need money!”

Zoltán Tima, did plan the complex according to current architectual trends in the world. The architect didn’t want to demonstrate with the building, which in itself is good, that this is not a project made real by state, but rather private funds.  His goal was to make real a clean, harmonic area, which he succeeded in doing.
The simplicity of the building does not mean it’s boring.  The central  hall of the terminal can be compared to the natural and practical beauty of an airplane.

We dream of airplane wings.

The ceiling is held up by fourteen curved monumental beams. Between the fourteen runs a  wide lane of glass, letting in light, making the area seem bigger.

All in all a beautiful airport.

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Budapest’s “whale” project delayed, city blames contractor

Budapest, March 8 (MTI) – Completion of the CET building in central Budapest may suffer several months of delay, for which the city blames general contractor Porto Investment Hungary.

Deputy mayor Gabor Bagdy said in a statement on Tuesday that the mega-project should have been completed last August, but the contractor had failed to make timely arrangements to hook up the complex to public utilities and routinely cancelled meetings with the city to resolve other open issues.

Instead, Porto Investment Hungary Ltd has made “unfounded accusations” against the city “to divert public attention from its own erratic performance,” Bagdy said in the statement.

In its own defence, the contractor has asked the National Development Ministry to review the project, claiming that it is the city council that is delaying the opening of the complex.

The 27,000 square metre complex of steel and glass, resembling an enormous whale and incorporating two 19th-century warehouses, is being built next to the Economics University overlooking the Danube.

The 8.5 billion forint (EUR 31.2m) public-private-partnership project is intended to provide room for a number of shops, art galleries, restaurants and conference halls.