The Hungarian Army is not preparing for Libya

Janos Martonyi, Foregin minister of Hungary told press at noon on Friday that he expects the invention in Libya to start in a matter of hours. According to Mr. Martonyi this may involve any of a range of things, except for landbased troops, reports

The Hungarian army, however, is not getting prepared to Libya.  According to Janos Martonyi the Hungarian Defence Forces has neither the training, nor the capacity that could be used at the moment.

“I would have been a bit more glad to see a decision beeing made earlier” – he said as his personal opinion on the UN Security Council’s Thursday evening resolution.
The Hungarian state’s official standpoint is that the descision made in the resolution is correct.

Hungarian aid workers called home from Libya

The increasingly unstable situation in Benghazi, Libya, made the Hungarian Interchurch Aid Organization call back it’s employees there, reports

Because of the bad situation the employees have been called home, with the three employees having spent all in all fourteen days in the northern african country.

The first humanitarian shipments were installed in Cairo, from there they organized the transport and distribution of this in Libya.’
At the Egyptian-Libyan border over a thousand refugees were provided with food packages, while in Libya four hospitals were provided with 2,5 tons of health equipment together with basic groceries – tells Gábor Bálint, the humanitarian organization’s leader to MTI on friday.

Mr Balint, participating in the Libyan aid program also said that together with him, he had two volunteers participating, but due to the increasingly unstable situation they had to come home.

Images courtesy of Hungarian Interchurch Aid, provided by their presslease newsroom at

Hungary among countries to bid for 2017 World Athletics

London, March 17 (MTI) – Hungary is one of five countries that have announced plans to bid for the 2017 world athletics championships, Reuters and AP reported on Thursday, quoting a statement by the international athletics federation IAAF.

The Hungarian association has named Budapest as the city to host the games. Germany has named Berlin, Britain has named London and Qatar has named Doha. Spain said it would select the host city at a later date.

The deadline to submit letters of intent was Thursday and formal bids must be submitted by September 1. The IAAF will announce the winner in Monaco in November.