Govt parties to submit over 40 amendment proposals to the constitution

Parliamentary groups of the Fidesz-Christian Democrat alliance, who are governing,  are planning to submit more than forty amendments to the draft constitution,  said on monday Janos Lazar, the Fidesz group leader, according to

Four of the proposals respond to the opinions of the majority of Hungarians polled by the government, he said.

Accordingly, a passage in the draft law on granting extra votes to parents in an election will be dropped, he said.

But the option of allowing judges to hand down real life sentences will be included.

Further, a parliamentary committee will have the power require people to attend hearings.

The fourth grants protection to indigenous species in the Carpathian Basin.

Additionally, Lazar said the party alliance would propose increasing the number of Constitutional Court judges from 11 to 15 and to dismantle curbs on its powers of jurisdiction over the public finances only if the public debt drops to below 50 percent of gross domestic product.

Independent lawmaker Katalin Szili’s proposal that constitution court judges should be at least 45 years old and ordinary judges 30 will also be tabled, he said.

Further, the forint will be stated as the national currency in the basic law.

Reducing the voting age from 18 to 16 will not be tabled, he also said.

Lazar said he would propose not using the expression “comitatus” (varmegye) instead of county in the new constitution because it carried “some bad historic connotations”.

At the proposal of several green organisations, the right to a healthy environment should also be included in the new law, Lazar said.