Slovakia: The hysteria erupts when it’s about the Hungarians.

At the minority inhabited settlements the bilingualism doesn’t always apply.
If the law about minority languages is approved, then all settlements where either ethnic minority makes up at least fifteen percent, the informational signs and other other information has to be applied in two languages.
At the local public offices the nationals may use their own language,
writes Népszabadság Online,

Air Rescue called – didn’t have time.

On the 2. of April the Air Rescue service was alarted to Kartal, for a serious incident.
However, the only helicopter of the Budaörs base was while in duty time on it’s way to Vienna – for money, reports.
According to the director of the air rescue services, the dispatch central knew about the transport of the person to Vienna, and therefore sent an ambulance.
Peter Temesvari admitted however that; at this time we only have one helicopter, so if it is out and flying patients, it can not fly in urgent cases.

Old buldings in Budapest opens up to visitors

Around fifty old buildings in Budapest will be open this weekend to visitors as a part of an initiative by the OSA Archives and contemporary Architecture Centre to give the public access to the 100 year old buildings.

The 100 year old buildings will be open on April 9 and April 10. April 10 is the 100th day of the year, OSA said on wednesday. The buildings that will be open are amoung others the Goldberger House, the OSA headquarters in Arany Janos Street in Budapest. A school in Varosmajor Street will also be open, this building was designed by the architect Karoly Kos in Art Noveau style. According to OSA the project aims to add a new event to the calendar of Budapest.; the annual public celebration of the buildings that reach 100 years old in that year. OSA said that this centenary event will give residents living in the buildings the opportunity to get to know each other and the often hidden treasures in their house. Most of the buildings in the project are residential, but there are also schools, clinics, water towers, museums and more on the plan. Full information of the project is found on their website: