Parl Speaker marks Holocaust Remembrance Day

Budapest, April 17 (MTI) – Hungary has still not managed to come to terms with the destruction of the Holocaust despite the 67 years that passed, the speaker of Hungary’s Parliament said at a commemoration in Budapest on Sunday.

“During the Holocaust a whole generation was removed in a villainous surgical act from human existence, which was a tragedy for the whole of the nation, upsetting a balance that could never be completely restored,” said Laszlo Kover at the House of Terror Museum, marking Hungary’s Holocaust Remembrance Day.

“We must always stand up for those who belong together with the nation […] only then could remembrance finally transform itself into peace,” he told a crowd of around a hundred people.

Kover and the director of the museum, Maria Schmidt, lit candles in memory of the Holocaust victims.

Since 2001 Hungary marks Holocaust Remembrance Day on April 16, the day when in 1944 the incarceration of Jews into ghettos began in Transcarpathia (now western Ukraine). This was followed by deportations of hundreds of thousands of Hungarian Jews into concentration camps in Austria, Germany and Poland.


Constitution – Socialists ask govt MPs to vote against new supreme law

Budapest, April 17 (MTI) – Agnes Kunhalmi, board member of the main opposition Socialist Party, said on Sunday that she was asking governing party MPs to vote against Hungary’s new constitution on Monday.

Kunhalmi said she had contacted the governing party MPs by letter and sent out the request on behalf of future generations.

The new constitution reflects a single set of values only and the policies on taxation, families and pensions included in the new supreme law will create a system of rules that will prove non-functional and impossible to change in the future, Kunhalmi said.

“Those who vote for this constitution in its current form actually vote for dictums instead of cooperation, rigid seclusion instead of adapting to change and a present cast in stone instead of the future,” Kunhalmi said.

Socialist leader Attila Mesterhazy said on the party website on Sunday that the Fidesz-Christian Democrat alliance will destroy the republic if the constitution becomes approved on Monday.

The new supreme law will restrict citizens’ rights, it will allow the state to strongly interfere in people’s private life and will declare the elimination of social solidarity, Mesterhazy said.

Commenting on his party’s refusal to participate in the drafting process, Mesterhazy said “we can not give a hand to the mangling of constitutional institutions and we can not allow becoming living props in a process where the opposition’s opinion has been disregarded just as much as the opinion of the people.”