Quick News

Easter prices are like last year

Easter campaigns keep grocery food prices low.  Prices are similiar to last year’s thanks to this, at least this is the case for most shops. Especially when buying ham one has to read the label and carefully observe for it’s ingredients and how long it is possible to store it, according to RTL Klub news.

Major of Gyöngyöspata resigns

The major of Gyöngyöspata, Laszlo Tabi resigned from his post. This is the settlement where the civil guard association named Szebb Jövö (More Beautiful Future) started to patrol last week. The past weekend a new organization started to partrol there as well.  The local Roma population says the patrolers keep them in terror. The official reason for the mayors’ resignation was health issues, but he stated to Független Hírügynökség (Independent Newsagency) that “the recent issues in the settlement may be imagined as a factor contributing to his resignation”, RTL Klub news reports.

Minister Presents New Hungarian Constitution in Brussels

The new consitution is built on budgetary, demographic and environmental sustainability – József Szájer said yesterday at the seating of the Commitee for Constitutional Affairs  in the European Parliament, reports Hungarian national broadcaster MTV.