The Telenor House Won Construction Industry Award

The plaque of the Construction Industry Award granted to the office building of Telenor Hungary was inaugurated at a special event attended by the representatives of main contractor Arcadom, the Mayor of Törökbálint and members of the board of trustees of the Foundation for Constructors’ Masterworks.

The office building of Telenor in Törökbálint was constructed with innovation and a new way of working in mind. It is one of Hungary’s most state-of-the-art and most environmentally friendly corporate headquarters offering an office space of 14,000 square meters on six floors and in nine wings arranged in a fan shape. During the construction project, special environmental solutions, materials and technologies were used to support intelligent building control which saves energy observing both external weather and internal usage conditions. The office building is supplied with energy by one of Hungary’s largest geothermal heat pumps, the seventh largest such system in Europe. The heating and cooling system of the Telenor House is based on geothermal heat pumps and heat probes drilled a hundred meters deep in the ground. The heat exchanger unit of the ventilation system reduces energy waste, while 168 square meters of solar cells generate more than 60% of the energy required to produce hot water for people working in the building. The project involves large-scale outdoor infrastructure development in the green area around the building.

Dr. Jenő Kiss, Chairman of the Building Services Engineering Branch of the Hungarian Chamber of Engineers said it was a pleasure to grant the award to a building whose environmentally conscious design sets a model for other Hungarian companies to follow.

“We are proud that our office building in Törökbálint has won such a prestigious award. The Telenor House is a friendly, environmentally conscious and truly state-of-the-art workplace. Designing it, we wanted to minimize our environmental footprint. This is the reason why the building occupies only 7.7% of the 8-hectare valley which is well below the 30% statutory limit. The House features many solutions reducing our environmental impact and supporting sustainable operation such as light and motion sensors, heat recovery equipment and underground server rooms”, said Orsolya Nyilas, Telenor’s Acting Head of PR.

“The Award is a great recognition for us. We are very proud of this building. This time again, we had a very successful partnership with Zoboki-Demeter and Associates Architects who successfully applied Scandinavian design to local conditions”, said Csaba Borbély, Telenor House’s project leader of main contractor Arcadom.
The Construction Industry Award established in 1999 is announced in several categories every year. Category winners receive a certificate and a bronze frame plaque to be fitted to the wall of the awarded building or a special diploma of merit. The Construction Industry Award aims to recognize companies organizing and managing high-quality construction projects and enhance the reputation of reliable construction services providers.
Arcadom Építőipari Zrt. has been present in the Hungarian construction market for over a decade. Since its establishment, it has constructed buildings with a combined floor space of over 1.5 million and generated total construction revenues of nearly HUF 210 bn. Arcadom’s success is rooted in its decades of experience and professional approach.

Source: telenor hungary press release.

Red cross evacuates – Police arrives to protect

The Hungarian Red Cross evacuated around 300 children and women, at the same time as the organization Véderő (Defense Force) was planning to hold it’s military training camp in the village, also several hundred policemen entered the settlement with strong force to protect the Roma men who stayed in the village, and asked all military uniformed people at the settlement for their IDs, according to Hungarian mtv1 news.

Before noon there were only 5-6 members of the Véderő organization observed in uniform at their base in the settlement, to the Hungarian mtv1 one of the members says that it was a pure coincidence that they held their training camp in Gyöngyöspata, saying that they had bought the area where the training was held in the midst of the events, but that it was a coincidence. Some of the locals say that the whole case has just been blown out of it’s proportions.

The Red Cross evacuated around 300 children and women.  Most of the children where taken to the youth camp at Csillebérci, where the manager told the news that 172 arrived, they are going to stay until Sunday afternoon, and that the Red Cross booked the stay at the camp. The Red Cross states that the training camp of the Véderő organization was not the reason, and that a Roma mother initiated earlier on for an Easter Camp to be held for the kids by the Red Cross, and that is the reason for the stay at the youth camp.

American-Hungarian businessman Richard Field was the one who financed the evacuation, this person was also one of the main financial contributors to the political party LMP’s campaign for the 2010 Parliamentary Elections. LMP didn’t have a statment about this today, but told Hungarian mtv1 news on phone that they didn’t have anything to do with the Gyöngyöspata evacuation, nor Richard Field. They said that the businessman siupported their election campaign, but since then, they haven’t had contact with him.  Richard Field did not answer his phone all day as mtv1 tried to reach him.  The director of the Red Cross said that the camp was not a joint operation, but that the businessman often visits Gyöngyöspata.

The ruling FIDESZ party said that the travels disguised as evacuation, and the spread of fear serve several political parties.  Maté Kocsis, MP for FIDESZ said that “We have to say it out loud that the whole country is today witness to this nefarious and shameful political culture that Jobbik and MSZP, and also according to today’s news it looks like also LMP (political parties ed. ‘s note) continues to go through with”.  Maté Kocsis also said that “What Hungary now needs is peace and not volunteer police.”

World Earth Day Today

Hungary joined the World Earth Day movement, that started in the USA,  21 years ago.
Since then an increasing number of places in the country has been working on informing the population about how important it is to preserve the environment around us, mtv1 news reports

At Szolnok and in Szolnok county, volunteers held a waste gathering operation.
1000 people gathered 150 M³ of waste, ranging from plastic waste to construction material and animal waste.
“It is quite shocking how people don’t take their environment into account. How the just throw away things, from paper, to plastic bottles and other waste” a girl participating at the operation said.
Imre Sárközi, employee of the company managing the public roads and also organizer of this operations says that the volume of waste increases every year  “This day is the day when we are in an advance against the litterers and we win. All the other days the litterers are the ones who win”
4-5 years ago the amount of waste increased significantly, because several landfills in the surrounding area not conforming with EU rules were closed. The regional manager of the Hungarian Public Road Nonprofit Zrt,  Kovács Károly, says “Many residents from the settlements are not willing to pay to have their waste removed. They try this cheaper solution, by dumping their trash on the parking lots”
Cleaning of the parking lots costs the company yearly HUF 50 million, as well as the removal of this waste costs another HUF 5 million, Hungarian public broadcaster MTV1 reports.

PM signs cooperation agreement to support dental tourism

Budapest, April 21, 2011 (MTI-ECONEWS) – Prime Minister Viktor Orban on Thursday signed a cooperation agreement on a development programme that aims to double the number of foreigners who visit Hungary to undergo dental procedures within three years and triple their number within five years.

Budapest, April 21, 2011 (MTI-ECONEWS) – Prime Minister Viktor Orban on Thursday signed a cooperation agreement on a development programme that aims to double the number of foreigners who visit Hungary to undergo dental procedures within three years and triple their number within five years.

Mr Orban signed the agreement with Laszlo Szucs, head of the Medical Tourism Office and one of programme’s authors, at a conference on dental tourism.

Dental tourism, which generates about HUF 60bn in annual revenue, is a big opportunity for Hungary, Mr Orban said.

Hungary is the destination of choice for almost 40pc of Europe’s dental tourists.


Budapest fine arts’ museum mounted world’s 7th most-visited exhibition

Budapest, April 20 (MTI) – Hungary’s Museum of Fine Arts in Budapest last year mounted the world’s seventh most-visited exhibition, according to The Art Newspaper.

Wednesday’s Magyar Nemzet daily carried the findings showing the Budapest-based gallery’s Old Masters show in 7th place with 231,000 visitors.

The museum, which recently completed the first phase of its renovation, has raised its profile over the past few years, attracting top travelling collections, including a large-scale show of Van Gogh works, which was the world’s 15th most-visited exhibition in 2007.

The museum, which has its own distinguished collection, said to be the largest single collection of Spanish masters outside the Prado and an impressive impressionist gallery, stands in 96th place overall in the global rankings in terms of the number of visitors.