Malév Moves Headquarters Back to Budapest Airport

In a press release on their website Malév announces that the entire Malév management structure and headquarters are moving back to the airport. The plan is for approximately 600 employees of the Hungarian national carrier to move into three renovated offices at Budapest Ferenc Liszt International Airport by the summer of 2012. An agreement to this effect was signed this week by senior executives of Budapest Airport and Malév, after the boards of both companies approved the project. János Berényi the Chairman of the Board is fully committed to the moving happening in the interest of the savings and the rationalization.

The return of the board of directors and the office staff of the airline to the airport can save almost 1 million Euros on annual base. Under the plans, Malév will move into the three-storey buildings that are located behind the Aeroplex repair and maintenance hangars. Together, these three blocks have a floor area of 10,000 sqm. Until now the three buildings, which were also used by Malév earlier, were reduced to their original reinforced concrete skeletons plus roofs following their complete gutting by Budapest Airport, even down to removal of the original facades. The entire infrastructure including the heating and electrical systems, computer network, water and sewage pipelines, and even the lifts, are being replaced. Budapest Airport is bearing the total cost of the renovation and the reconstruction of the office blocks is being overseen by Óbuda Architectural Studio Kft.

When signing the contract René Droese, Director of Business Unit Properties of Budapest Airport, stressed that, “We consider it an extremely important development that the National Airline is now shifting its headquarters to the airport, and we are proud of the fact that with this move we will contribute to Malév’s more efficient and profitable operation. It is important both for the airline and the airport that the entire management of the company is as close to the area of operation as possible, thereby saving considerable time, expense and rental fees.

Chief Executive Officer Martin Gauss welcomed the signing of the agreement thus: “Right from the very start I considered the realization of the new Malév HQ to be important, therefore it was a particular pleasure for me that we could sign an agreement to this effect with the airport management just a few days ago. The fact that the national airline’s headquarters can move back to its rightful place, at the airport, thanks to the latest, large-scale airport developments, is an extremely important step in the life of Malév. The new facility makes it possible for the majority of senior management, office sections, and those in the operational areas, to work together in a single modern centre. This will make the operation of Malév far more efficient and simpler.”

EU Presidency – Puskas remembered in Beijing

The best known Hungarian of all time, soccer legend Ferenc Puskas was remembered at a prominent event for Hungary’s EU Presidency in Beijing on Friday, MTI reports.

Speakers talked to the 300 guests including diplomats and Chinese mediaabout Hungary, presenting its landmarks and showing the documentary “Puskas, Hungary” by Tamas Almasi during a dinner where Hungarian specialities where served.
The gala was held in the Guo Cui Yuan National Treasure Park.

Hungary’s Ambassador Sandor Kusai adressed the event, and said the European Union was like a soccer team not with 11 but with 27 players and Hungary has been coach of it for six months since January htis year. When speaking about Puskas he said the Hungarian soccer player had always made his best effort to learn the language, local culture and traditions of where evere he had lived in the world. Widely popular artist in China, Chen Peisi, whom his father gave the name after the Pest side of Budapest, entartained the audience with personal stories of his visits to Budapest.