EU Presidency – European Forum of Architectural Policies opens in Budapest

The architectural polices of Hungary and of the European Union, the EU’s Danube Strategy, the relationship between city and natural waters, as well as innovation and sustainability are the main themes of the two-day European Forum of Architectural Policies (EFAP) that opened in Budapest on Thursday.

The forum, organised on the sidelines of Hungary’s EU presidency, is attended by 90 guests from 20 foreign countries and by 150 Hungarian experts, Tamas Noll, head of the Hungarian Chamber of Architects, told MTI.

EFAP President Rob Docter told MTI that architecture is not a panacea for social or environmental problems, but it can be used to create a more liveable environment. The primary goal of EFAP is to promote cooperation between markets and governments to ensure more effective solutions to environmental problems, he said.

Hungary’s MEP Tamas Deutsch said that adopting the Danube Strategy was a success story to which all institutions of the EU had contributed, including the Hungarian presidency. He said that efficient coordination of European funds was key in implementing creative and innovative ideas under that strategy.

EFAP was set up in Paris in 2000. The forum meets semi-annually in the country serving as the rotating president of the EU