Headlines Saturday

Hungarian PM Viktor Orbán thinks Hungary will meet the criteria for joining the Eurozone within 2020.
In a lecture for investors and businessmen in Frankfurt about Hungary’s economic and financial policy, Viktor Orban came with this statement.

The EU commisioner for Digital Agenda, Neelie Kroes welcomed Hungary’s quick amendment to the media law speaking at a media conference in Brussels on Friday.

Cold wave hits Hungary with record low temperatures.  In a northern-Hungarian village, Zabar, the temperatures went down to a record -4,2 Celsius degrees on Friday.  This is a record low for this day of the year.

Telenor is introducing its first Android applications

From 4 May 2011 the first smartphone applications developed by Telenor are available on the Android Market. The S.O.S. Help application which enables one to request immediate help has been implemented as a result of “Androideák” idea contest, while the app allowing users to purchase motorway e-vignettes has been developed within the portfolio of MobileShopping.

However the number of Hungarian applications is growing on the Android Market, there are still only few of them. As a part of its complex information campaign, Telenor aims to make the benefits of Android available in Hungarian for the most users possible. These two new, useful applications support this.

S.O.S. Help, which was one of the winner ideas of the “Androideák” contest launched at Telenor’s first Android workshop at the end of last year, enables users to signal family, friends and acquaintances in time of trouble, or in need of help. By activating it, the application sends the Android smartphone user’s exact position to previously choosen and saved mobile numbers and e-mail addresses. Moreover, the application forwards a short, pre-set message, while warning people nearby with a beeping sound.

Buying motorway e-vignettes with a mobile is available in Hungary since 2006. In the past 5 years the number of mobileShopping users doubled: up till now, approximately 220 thousand people used the service, making more than 2.2 million purchases. In average, clients pay for their motorway usage with their mobiles 5 times annually. Since the beginning, the most popular e-vignette type is the 4-day for an automobile (D1), however there are other vignettes available for motorcycles, buses and trucks.

The new Motorway Vignette application for Android makes the virtual purchase easier, it helps track the validity of earlier vignettes as well as the details of previous purchases. With the application, all types of motorway vignettes are available that are included in the SMS-based MobileShopping service.

Development of the other two winning ideas is underway: the Hungarian Apps and the Bicycle route map will soon be available for Android users.

The S.O.S. Help and the Motorway Vignette applications can be downloaded free of charge[1] from the Android Market and from Telenor Hungary’s website.


[1] Downloading the applications from Android Market, or using them generates data traffic, which may be subject to fees.

Source: Telenor Hungary Press Release