New rules forbid uniformed criminality

As of Saturday a new regulation came into force, forbidding uniformed civilians to keep public order.
may be punished with a three year prison sentence for those who spread panic amoung any of the nations’ races, ethnic or religious groups. Two year prison sentence may be given to those that give the impression of maintaing public order without having a legal authorization for doing so. The government decided to rigor the rules after several weeks of civlians marching around in small settlements in uniform, Hungarian MTV1 News reports.

According to the government a new type of criminality has appeared: uniformed cirminality.
Talking about these uniformed civilians Péter Szijjártó, spokesman of the Prime Minister said that «These people are simply criminals, these people are simply disturbing order»

Prime Minister Viktor Orban told the TV2 news last week in an interview that the time has come for the state to speak in the language of power.
«Everyone that so far has showed a criminal attitude will now stop, and everybody will go home, because within the hour representatives of the Hungarian state will be there and will enforce the law. So far we have had the patience and the discernement, this is over from now on»

On Monday the national assembly voted with 280 in favour, and 40 against the amendment of the criminal code. MSZP and LMP supported FIDESZ in the vote, while JOBBIK rejected the proposal.

A lawyer expresses his concern about the new amendment, as it only points out that it is forbidden to have a goal to keep public order, he is afraid that the uniformed civilians will go around the rules and for example say that they are holding enlightment camps for young people. MTV1 reported.

There was no mention of discrimination against LGBT (Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender) people.