Malev plane landed safely in Budapest

Malev – Hungarian Airlines flight to Bucharest experienced difficulties with their oxygen pressure and therefore landed at 8:24 at Budapest Airport, writes

The Malev plane was heading to Bucharest, but had to make a turn back to Budapest Airport when it’s crew saw indications of a loss of cabin pressure.

Mihály Hardy said that “The crew on Malevs flight bound for Bucharest experienced a drop in cabin pressure.  In situations such as this they don’t have the possibility to evaluate any other options than to follow the rules and land at the closest airport. The airport landed without any trouble at 8:24 at Liszt Ferenc Airport.  On this small aircraft there were thirty passengers.  At this time it’s not known weather it was an error in the instruments indicating the cabin pressure, or if something else was the reason for the problem.  This can be verified after technical inspections”