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Orbán and Farkas agrees – 100 thousand unemployed roma gets jobs

In the framework agreement it says that they will be re-education. 20 thousand young roma will aquire a profession.
10 thousand students will graduate with their baccalaureate, while five thousand will get the oportunity to take part in higher education.

Budapest Orgy party’s details exposed

A German company pleased it’s best agents with prostitutes in Budapest. The German press compares the sexy orgy with the scandals of Strauss-Kahn.

Shoe factory invests over 1BN HUF in Hungary
After dissatisfaction with quality results of their productions in Asia and Moldova, German Josef Seibel Group will bring back a part of it’s production to it’s Hungarian subsidiary company for the production of shoes at their Csengere plant, Világgazdaság wrote in it’s Friday edition. The final molding machine is installed this week.  After the 1.1 BN HUF investment the plant, located close to the border with Romania will be able to produce up to 8000 pairs of shoes a day.

Most popular Hungarian music videos

List of current popular Hungarian music videos

According to,
these are at the present the most popular Hungarian music videos:

Artists with most songs reaching over a million hits:

L.L. Junior 12 songs
Tankcsapda 10 songs
Kárpátia 8 songs
Children of Distance 8 songs

Daily average views:

1. Kati Wolf What about my dreams 63915
2. Fluor Mizu 48153
3. Erős Dávid MIZU (Fluor Opera cover verzió) 37393
4. Wolf Kati Szerelem, miért múlsz? 29469
5. Janicsák Veca Most múlik pontosan 23437

Ten most viewed Hungarian music videos, in brackets the combined number of views of all videos of to the song:

1. Fluor: Mizu 10.641.816
2. Csík Zenekar: Most múlik pontosan 8.116.105
3. Csicsi: Pimpinkin 7.341.181
4. Children of Distance: Emlékezz rám 6.896.110
5. Quimby: Most múlik pontosan 5.987.094
6. Omega: Gyöngyhajú lány 5.610.549
7. Open Stage Székelyland: Aranka szeretlek 5.282.364
8. Alma együttes: Ma van a szülinapom 4.892.278
9. Fluor feat. SP: Partyarc 4.728.306
10. Wolf Kati: What about my dreams 4.410.131