State debt down to 65-70% by the end of govt term

Viktor Orban says Hungarian state debt will fall down to a 65-70%, in a meeting in Dublin today with influential Irish investors interested in Hungary. Talks were also held about Hungary’s EU Presidency, as well as the plans for Croatia to be taken up as an EU member, Hungarian mtv news reported today.

The simple tax system and loss of state debt were two subjects that received praise by the Irish investors, who
shared their experiences gained in the Hungarian market with the prime minister.

Hungary has taken on heavy tasks during it’s EU Presidency, amoung them beeing the common energy policy, the extension of the Schengen area, Croatias entry into the EU as well as the creation of a common Roma Stratergy,

Orban Viktor emphasized that Hungary will always be a strong bel
iever in low taxation, and that he denies the harmonization of taxation within the EU, saying that the low taxes generate competition, competition that the EU needs.

He also added that Hungary had come out of the need for IMF help, and had re-entered the financial markets.