Former Hungarian President Buried Today

Former President of hungary, Ferenc Mádl was buried today in Budapest.
Many people were present to pay their respect to him and his family.

The former president started his political carrier in József Antal’s government, amoung other as a minister of culture.  He went on to become Hungary’s president in the term from 2000-2005, and was then a strong supporter of the dual citizenship of Hungarians.  current President of Hungary – Pál Schmitt held a speech about the late president, emphasizing Mádl’s humane nature and saying that “He was a very down to earth person, and showed every day that the shortest route between two people is a smile”.
Other speeches also included his work for the Hungarians living abroad, remembering about a trip Mádl had to Transylvania, when a Székely man came infront of him and said “Mr. President. I want to die as a Hungarian.”

Yesterday a memorial was held for the late president at the parliament, where László Kövér said that Ferenc Mádl was a christian man, who brought with him his faith from the village where he was raised.

Ferenc Mádl died 81 years old, on May 29.

Former President buried today