Scandinavian ATC school opens in Budapest

Scandinavian Air Traffic School will educate air traffic controllers in Central-Europe.

The Scandinavian air traffic controller school, Entry Port North, that is owned by Norwegian Avinor, Danish Naviar and Swedish LFV is opening a joint air traffic controller school in Budapest – in co-operation with the Hungarian air navigation company Hungarocontrol.  The new school will be named Entry Point Central, writes

Future Hungarian air traffic controllers will be educated in accordance with Scandinavian training methods at the Entry Point Budapest.  The first class of Hungarian students will start in September.  With time the school will also offer education to students from other Central European countries.

The co-operation with HungaroControl is in line with the stratergy of Entry Point North of offering the schools services on the international market.  HungarControl wishes with this co-operation to strenghten the quality within it’s own operation.  Entry Point was chosen as a partner due to it’s high professional standards.

The co-operation is also in line with the intentions in the EU’s Single European Sky-programme about increased co-operation and harmonization of the air traffic control between the European countries.