Stylish companion for work and home: Telenor offers smartphone for female entrepreneurs

Telenor offers a smartphone with business tariffs to help female entrepreneurs establish a better work-life balance. The Samsung Galaxy Ace is a stylish companion for women available with a choice of five different Manager Tariffs tailored to the needs of entrepreneurs, Telenor writes in a press release on their website.

Women have to handle different aspects of life: they have to manage household chores, take care of their children and organize the life of their family. In addition, many of them are successful in their work. But a busy businesswoman hardly has any time for friends and recreation. This is the reason why it is especially important for them to be able to manage their time and organize their life as efficiently as possible.

Based on the latest survey of SEED Foundation for Small Enterprise Development1, efficient time management is one of the greatest challenges for female entrepreneurs, especially if they have a startup enterprise. More than three in four respondents said that they have less time for their families and themselves because of work and the same number mentioned stress as a negative effect. In addition, survey results show that most family-related and household chores are still the responsibility of women.