Hungarian children are under too much stress – teen suicides increase

Actress Athina Papadimitriu warns that Hungarian children are under too  much pressure

In a recent edition of morning tv show Mokka, Papadimitriu says that Hungarian children are put under a lot of pressure from the parents, from the society and warns that not caring about their emotional development, only performance in other fields will result in huge issues for them in their teenages and adulthood. She would go back to the kindergarten stage and start out the transformation from there, adding that kids learn to shoot eachother as kids in playtime, and that we witness school and university shootings. According to her, the kids grow up nowadays with so much stress in their bodies and that they have no possibility of channelling all of the stress and energy leaving all this locked up inside them and resulting in catastrophical outcomes later in life.
She points out that childhood stress has been proved to result in schizofrenia.  Underlining that you don’t know who you give your child to when you deliver them to kindergarten and school.  You don’t know what values and stress that the kids are put under and filled with.

It was pointed out by the anchors that the rate for attempted suicide among youth between the ages of 15-19 in Hungary has increased by 217%  from 2008 to 2009.

Ombudsman: Drinking water has to be secured for everyone.

According to the Ombudsman the drinking water services can not be cut out entirely, even if the private individual doesn’t pay it’s bill. Máté Szabó suggest concrete spcifications in the legislation to the minister of rural development.  The Ombudsman also made it clear in his statement that the providing of water may  be lt most be limited in the amount of quantity and time.

Hungarian police brings home four Hungarian wanted criminals

The Hungarian police brought home four Hungarian citizens from Thailand, Péter Tarjányi, police officer said on the morning show Mokka on friday.

This was not the first case where Hungarians were brought back in a bulk return.  The police officer pointed out that Thailand, toghether with Asia, is a popular place for criminals to hide away.  Reasons  for preferring this for hiding are the beaches, low price levels and not transparent banking systems, among others.
Tarjányi pointed out that the co-operation with Thai authorities has been well, and that Thailand is opening up increasingly towards the EU in the future.
Currently some 50-60 Hungarian nationals are wanted for arrest abroad said the police officer.

Did you win?

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Introducing Budapest Airport’s new passenger security screening system

Budapest Airport presented its new passenger security screening system today. BA deputy CEO Dimitrios Gatsonis, Malév CEO Péter Leonov and brigadier-general József Dúzs, the director of the Airport Police Directorate tested the devices, purchased for a total of 900 million HUF, in front of reporters.

BA will install all twelve state-of-the-art X-ray machines as well as new archway magnetic devices (AMDs) by 30 June, thereby completely replacing the airport’s passenger security screening system. The new equipment will make security screening quicker and more seamless, cutting waiting time and enhancing security.

Dimitrios Gatsonis presented the operation of the new hand baggage screening system and AMD at the press event. The baggage belts before and after the X-ray machine are longer, enabling four passengers to use it simultaneously at both ends, instead of the one or two currently. The machine automatically rotates the 20 trays that are in the system. At the end of the belt, a camera checks that the tray is empty and does not allow the machine to run on until there is as much as a single coin left on it.

The operator sees the baggage on two monitors, shown from the side and from above, giving a clearer picture of the contents. Similarly to the computer tomographs used in medical diagnostics, the device is capable of analyzing the density of materials in addition to their atomic weight. The machines used earlier labeled chocolate just as suspicious as explosives, since their atomic structures are similar, although their density is different. Thus, the number of false alarms will drop and passenger screeners will have to open fewer pieces of baggage, speeding up the screening process.

The device automatically signals if it encounters suspicious baggage. The operator can divert such baggage onto a separate belt with the push of a button. Thus, baggage considered “unclean” does not hold up the queue.

The new AMDs are much more intelligent than their predecessors. Whilst the old devices were equipped with six transceivers generating electric fields, the new ones have 20. They operate with a lower margin of error and the smaller number of false alarms results in a quicker, more seamless process. Budapest Airport’s new AMDs are also capable of detecting objects with a low metal mass, concealed in footwear, and their operation cannot be disturbed by external factors such as draught or neon lights.

At present, the systems used at Budapest Airport are considered to be cutting-edge technology in Europe, since these models by Smiths and Heimann appeared on the market only last year.

Dimitrios Gatsonis, the deputy CEO of Budapest Airport said: “We are putting a lot of emphasis to making security screening as comfortable and as quick as possible for our passengers ahead of the summer peak season. We are among the first airports to have such state-of-the-art technology; we are proud of the fact that we will be using it on a daily basis very soon, reducing waiting time for our passengers.”

Malév CEO Péter Leonov said: “We greatly appreciate that the management of the airport took the interests of airlines and of passengers into account, speeded up its earlier plans and will install the new passenger security screening systems of Terminals 2A and 2B ahead of the summer peak season. We hope that this will cut waiting times at passenger screening, and we will be able to operate with the timeliness that passengers have come to expect of us in the summer peak season as well.”

Malév Launched Transparent Online Travel Planner

Malév has launched an online travel planner application that allows users to search for the best airfares and the most ideal destinations up to nearly one year ahead of the actual travel date. Using the Malév Travel Planner, it takes just a few seconds to carry out a full search of all the Malév Hungarian Airlines’ offers based on price, destination and date, and then the selected flight can be booked immediately. Malév expects this highly innovative – even on an international scale – visual and extremely user-friendly new online sales tool to generate several hundred million forints of additional revenue each year.

The Malév Travel Planner is an extremely transparent and simple-to-use application, which assists the user in finding the best travel solution and reaching a quick decision with the help of maps and graphics. In fact, it presents the traveller with flight booking options in a way that is unique on the domestic market today. In just a few seconds the user can browse prices and dates for up to one year ahead, which means that it is even possible to book an air ticket today for next summer’s holiday. Once the optimal destination, date and, naturally, price are fixed, the online ticketing procedure can start straight away.

“The Malév Travel Planner online application is an important milestone of our online developments which targets those people who, on the one hand, would like to travel at a given time and within a given budget but don’t have a specific travel destination, or on the other hand, who do know where they want to go and for how much, but are able to be flexible about the travel date. We are one of the first on the European market to introduce this extremely effective online tool motivating sales, which can well generate several hundred million forints of additional revenue in a year,” said CEO Lóránt Limburger at a press briefing marking the launch of the Malév Travel Planner held in Hotel Zara café on Monday morning.

The user can first input the amount budgeted for an air ticket in a price range on the Malév Travel Planner. The next step can be to select destination-related preferences according to the following categories: Metropolis, Gourmet, Historical sites, Culture, Romance, Shopping, Night life, Outdoor, Kids and Beach. Having given the travel period and planned date of departure, the Travel Planner projects the various options on a graphic and map, itemising the Malév offers starting with the most preferential. The user can then freely select within the given parameters from among the dates even up to one year ahead.
In the course of booking, Malév customers do not have to worry about various extra charges frequently imposed by other airlines. In other words, every Malév passenger can take a maximum 23 kg checked baggage free of charge and, naturally, payment by bank card does not attract any additional charge.
Malév places great emphasis on the further development of its online services and this year it will be introducing additional tools to support ticket sales as well as to enhance the convenience of its customers.

Female dilemmas: Carrer or Family?

Juggling family and career can be very difficult for women. But is it really necessary to choose between success and family? The joint forum of Telenor and the SEED Foundation for Small Enterprise Economic Development focused on the question of how mobile communication can help maintain a healthy balance between the two.

Diverse female roles: career or family?

Women need to prove themselves in various areas of life including housekeeping, raising children and organising family life. In addition to holding the family together, many of them also have a career. Performing a job or launching and managing a business in addition to daily tasks can be a quite a challenge.

According to a recent survey conducted by SEED Foundation for Small Enterprise Economic Development [1] one of the biggest problems for women is efficient time management. Over 75% of women managing small businesses think that more work means less time for themselves and their families, making good time management a priority. Thanks to innovations in mobile technology, there are numerous solutions to help more efficient planning and organising.

Women are only just beginning to discover smartphones

Compared to men, women feel less at home in the digital world and are slower at getting to know the latest technological innovations.

The joint survey of Telenor and Free Association Kft. conducted in the first quarter of 2011 showed that while over one-third (40%) of men use a smartphone, less than one-fourth (24%) of women own one. And even though the majority (57%) of women think it is a good thing to be able to access their email accounts from their phones, they still prefer to check their email and use the Internet from their desktop PCs. Portable laptops, notebooks and netbooks are also more popular with men. For the time being, women are not exploiting the potential in smartphones such as an uninterrupted Internet connection, since only every tenth respondent said that they go online when on the go.

Yet one thing all female handbags have in common is place for a mobile phone. A good phone is like a true companion. It is always there when you need it and knows your routine. It wakes you up at the right moment or reminds of you important dates. A smartphone, however, can do even more than that. It is in fact a small, pocket-sized portable computer. For some time now, mobile phones have been capable of sending and receiving emails via an existing Internet connection and, thanks to applications that are for the most part free, can be used to balance family and professional life.

This way, you can check your email or take care of your most urgent business even during the morning rush or skim through the latest news reports while waiting. But they might also come in handy for family outings if there is a sudden change in the weather and you need a new destination, or if you would like to find somewhere more exciting to go for the evening.

“I first started realising the potential in smartphones when we were at the playground with a friend and it started raining. It took my friend only seconds to find new activities for the kids using her mobile. I find it great that you can take the Internet with you wherever you go. As I am becoming more familiar with the world of smartphones, as a mother and a busy TV presenter I am beginning to see what a great help a phone like this can prove,” said RTL Klub presenter and forum hostess Ildikó Kovalcsik, alias Lilu.

You can also use applications to customise your phone. DocumentsToGo for example can be used to open Word, Excel, Power Point or PDF files on your phone, while Evernote allows you to jot down important ideas quickly and Google Maps helps you find your bearings.

Female entrepreneurial forum for finding the right solutions

The joint forum of Telenor and SEED Foundation for Small Enterprise Economic Development was also designed to promote the advancement of women and familiarity with technological innovations. Successful female entrepreneurs and recognised specialists shared their experience with the participants. At the event, TV presenter Ildikó Kovalcsik (alias Lilu), successful female entrepreneurial ambassador Zsuzsa Bácskai, adult education manager Anna Horváth, business coach Krisztina Madai and writer of Ágnes Vida discussed how they became successful business women, while still managing to live their private lives to the full. The participants also had a chance to learn about the latest smartphones, which can make organising their daily lives easier.

“Telenor is committed to telling women about the potential in mobile communications in order to help them live a fuller life. Of course you cannot run a business without courage, perseverance and a good idea. As a responsible mobile operator, we feel that we can also contribute to the success of women with our expertise and technology. Today’s event was intended as an opportunity for female entrepreneurs to share their opinions and experiences with each other in addition to learning about the latest technological trends,” said Orsolya Nyilas, Telenor’s acting PR director.

Participants of the forum all agreed that although starting up their own business can be more difficult for women, the exchange of experience, best practices and success stories can help alleviate initial difficulties.

“According to international studies, the successful entrepreneurial activity of women is linked to the strength of their social capital and self-confidence. Therefore, all opportunities for women to build and improve contacts and learn from one another, thereby enhancing their self-confidence, are welcome and have substantial social benefits,” said managing director of SEED Foundation Anna Horváth.

To promote the exchange of experience between women, Telenor has launched a joint competition with SEED Foundation entitled “Success and harmony – successful life paths for female entrepreneurs”. Applications should be submitted to the company and the Foundation by 31 July 2011, together with a case study at least five pages long containing the female business leader’s account of how she managed to overcome initial obstacles and create a healthy balance between business and private life.

(Details of the competition are available at

[1] Female entrepreneurs in Hungary 2008 – SEED Foundation for Small Enterprise Economic Development, May 2008

djuice opens doors for young people

Open Day event series continues.
The popular djuice Open Day initiative continues throughout the summer. The programme aims to give young people a look behind the scenes of interesting, popular or forgotten professions. Organizers aim to help young people about to choose or change a career, learn more about desired professions and make the right decision about their future.

The initial plan was to organize Open Day events until the end of the academic year. In response to positive feedback from young people, djuice decided to continue the programme and offer more opportunities in the summer season. Next time, young people can visit the AUDI plant in Győr, and learn more about the job and life of zoo animal caretakers, paediatricians, swimming pool operators, gardeners, newspaper editors and pharmacists during the summer.

The Open Day initiative was launched based on the results of djuice’s own research revealing that nearly one in four university and college students are uncertain about their career choice in their first semester. The programme aims to give them a real-life insight into desired professions and help them make the right career choice. To achieve this, the mobile brand targeting customers below the age of 26 opens doors to workplaces, jobs and professions of different types every week and helps young people learn and find the right career path.

djuice keeps adding new professions to the list and being an open source brand it also welcomes ideas directly from young people. At the same time, it invites employers willing to show young people the beauties and difficulties of their activities to join the Open Day programme. Young people with new ideas and companies wishing to join the programme should send an e-mail to indicating “djuice Open Day” in the subject line.

Initially, djuice wanted young people to spend their summer relaxing and partying. Therefore, it joined forces with the organizers of EFOTT as a main sponsor to create a high quality summer festival for them. Then djuice signed an agreement with Fürge Diák Student Work Union to combine its myLife growth programme with the organization’s “Work On Your Future” programme and reward student work. That is, djuice offers young people an opportunity to party, do valuable work and gain professional experience this summer to help them recharge their batteries for the new semester in September.

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