Ombudsman: Drinking water has to be secured for everyone.

According to the Ombudsman the drinking water services can not be cut out entirely, even if the private individual doesn’t pay it’s bill. Máté Szabó suggest concrete spcifications in the legislation to the minister of rural development.  The Ombudsman also made it clear in his statement that the providing of water may  be lt most be limited in the amount of quantity and time.

Hungarian police brings home four Hungarian wanted criminals

The Hungarian police brought home four Hungarian citizens from Thailand, Péter Tarjányi, police officer said on the morning show Mokka on friday.

This was not the first case where Hungarians were brought back in a bulk return.  The police officer pointed out that Thailand, toghether with Asia, is a popular place for criminals to hide away.  Reasons  for preferring this for hiding are the beaches, low price levels and not transparent banking systems, among others.
Tarjányi pointed out that the co-operation with Thai authorities has been well, and that Thailand is opening up increasingly towards the EU in the future.
Currently some 50-60 Hungarian nationals are wanted for arrest abroad said the police officer.