Hungarian Public Radio Broadcaster Keeps Silent About Demonstration

The Hungarian Broadcasting Corporation reported of a number of events on it’s radio news Wednesday morning, except for a demonstration that was so large that the whole Elisabeth Bridge was covered with people.


In their Wednesday morning newsbroadcasts, two of the largest public broadcasting radio stations Petöfi and Kossuth didn’t mention last nights demonstrations by a single word. Their coverage was focused on how the government has benefited the people with tax benefits for families, shorter ques in public healthcare and the collection of firewood for those in need. The public broadcaster did mention on it’s TV news the demonstration of last night, where tens of thousand of people marched in Budapest and in other parts of Hungary against the proposed taxation of using the internet in Hungary.



Demonstrators against internet tax break record

According to some organizers at the anti internet tax rally held in Budapest Tuesday evening, Budapest has not seen this many people gathered for protest in 25 years.

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktór Órbán and his ruling Fidesz party proposed a tax that would charge operators with 150 HUF (0,60 USD, 0,50 EUR) per gigabyte of traffic. While in opposition, in 2008, the party was against the introduction of such a tax.

At it’s peak 15 000 people tuned in to watch online on the Ustream of Nullker.
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The protesters chanted “zero internet tax”, “Orbán leave” and “corrupt Fidesz” Also shouting out “Ildikó, where are you?” referring to Ildikó Vida, the director of the National Tax and Customs Administration of Hungary (NAV). She was found by an RTL Klub TV-crew at Vienna’s Schwechat airport last Wednesday, leaving for what she called: “a vacation” together with the vice-president of the authority, Dezsöné Csillag.   According to both of them, together with Marianna Dávida, also a director of NAV,  have been issued a travel ban to the United States following allegations of corruption.