djuice opens doors for young people

Open Day event series continues.
The popular djuice Open Day initiative continues throughout the summer. The programme aims to give young people a look behind the scenes of interesting, popular or forgotten professions. Organizers aim to help young people about to choose or change a career, learn more about desired professions and make the right decision about their future.

The initial plan was to organize Open Day events until the end of the academic year. In response to positive feedback from young people, djuice decided to continue the programme and offer more opportunities in the summer season. Next time, young people can visit the AUDI plant in Győr, and learn more about the job and life of zoo animal caretakers, paediatricians, swimming pool operators, gardeners, newspaper editors and pharmacists during the summer.

The Open Day initiative was launched based on the results of djuice’s own research revealing that nearly one in four university and college students are uncertain about their career choice in their first semester. The programme aims to give them a real-life insight into desired professions and help them make the right career choice. To achieve this, the mobile brand targeting customers below the age of 26 opens doors to workplaces, jobs and professions of different types every week and helps young people learn and find the right career path.

djuice keeps adding new professions to the list and being an open source brand it also welcomes ideas directly from young people. At the same time, it invites employers willing to show young people the beauties and difficulties of their activities to join the Open Day programme. Young people with new ideas and companies wishing to join the programme should send an e-mail to indicating “djuice Open Day” in the subject line.

Initially, djuice wanted young people to spend their summer relaxing and partying. Therefore, it joined forces with the organizers of EFOTT as a main sponsor to create a high quality summer festival for them. Then djuice signed an agreement with Fürge Diák Student Work Union to combine its myLife growth programme with the organization’s “Work On Your Future” programme and reward student work. That is, djuice offers young people an opportunity to party, do valuable work and gain professional experience this summer to help them recharge their batteries for the new semester in September.

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