Malév Launched Transparent Online Travel Planner

Malév has launched an online travel planner application that allows users to search for the best airfares and the most ideal destinations up to nearly one year ahead of the actual travel date. Using the Malév Travel Planner, it takes just a few seconds to carry out a full search of all the Malév Hungarian Airlines’ offers based on price, destination and date, and then the selected flight can be booked immediately. Malév expects this highly innovative – even on an international scale – visual and extremely user-friendly new online sales tool to generate several hundred million forints of additional revenue each year.

The Malév Travel Planner is an extremely transparent and simple-to-use application, which assists the user in finding the best travel solution and reaching a quick decision with the help of maps and graphics. In fact, it presents the traveller with flight booking options in a way that is unique on the domestic market today. In just a few seconds the user can browse prices and dates for up to one year ahead, which means that it is even possible to book an air ticket today for next summer’s holiday. Once the optimal destination, date and, naturally, price are fixed, the online ticketing procedure can start straight away.

“The Malév Travel Planner online application is an important milestone of our online developments which targets those people who, on the one hand, would like to travel at a given time and within a given budget but don’t have a specific travel destination, or on the other hand, who do know where they want to go and for how much, but are able to be flexible about the travel date. We are one of the first on the European market to introduce this extremely effective online tool motivating sales, which can well generate several hundred million forints of additional revenue in a year,” said CEO Lóránt Limburger at a press briefing marking the launch of the Malév Travel Planner held in Hotel Zara café on Monday morning.

The user can first input the amount budgeted for an air ticket in a price range on the Malév Travel Planner. The next step can be to select destination-related preferences according to the following categories: Metropolis, Gourmet, Historical sites, Culture, Romance, Shopping, Night life, Outdoor, Kids and Beach. Having given the travel period and planned date of departure, the Travel Planner projects the various options on a graphic and map, itemising the Malév offers starting with the most preferential. The user can then freely select within the given parameters from among the dates even up to one year ahead.
In the course of booking, Malév customers do not have to worry about various extra charges frequently imposed by other airlines. In other words, every Malév passenger can take a maximum 23 kg checked baggage free of charge and, naturally, payment by bank card does not attract any additional charge.
Malév places great emphasis on the further development of its online services and this year it will be introducing additional tools to support ticket sales as well as to enhance the convenience of its customers.