Hungarian children are under too much stress – teen suicides increase

Actress Athina Papadimitriu warns that Hungarian children are under too  much pressure

In a recent edition of morning tv show Mokka, Papadimitriu says that Hungarian children are put under a lot of pressure from the parents, from the society and warns that not caring about their emotional development, only performance in other fields will result in huge issues for them in their teenages and adulthood. She would go back to the kindergarten stage and start out the transformation from there, adding that kids learn to shoot eachother as kids in playtime, and that we witness school and university shootings. According to her, the kids grow up nowadays with so much stress in their bodies and that they have no possibility of channelling all of the stress and energy leaving all this locked up inside them and resulting in catastrophical outcomes later in life.
She points out that childhood stress has been proved to result in schizofrenia.  Underlining that you don’t know who you give your child to when you deliver them to kindergarten and school.  You don’t know what values and stress that the kids are put under and filled with.

It was pointed out by the anchors that the rate for attempted suicide among youth between the ages of 15-19 in Hungary has increased by 217%  from 2008 to 2009.