Budapest – Thousands Of Protesters Met By Riot Police

A large number of riot police was sent out to meet the several thousand protesters that have gathered outside of the Hungarian parliament to show their dissatisfaction with the current political situation, corrupt public servants, taxation and the foreign policies of the ruling Fidesz party writes

The demonstration in Budapest started at 18:00 local time and among others András Horváth, the former NAV (Hungarian Tax and Financial Control Administration) employee who warned about the VAT fraud practices of the NAV, held a speech to the crowd.


The Fidesz regime has made sure to remove as many EU symbols as possible from the parliament building. While it is a custom that all public offices in the European Union use both the national and EU flags, they removed it from the facade of the building earlier this year.  In addition, the speaker of the parliament told today to remove the EU flag from the plenary room.  The crowd protesting outside the parliament this evening shouted “where is the flag, where is the flag?”.  A policeman tried to take the flag away from a protestor who waived it above their head, but the crowd chanted “don’t touch the flag, don’t touch the flag” and the policeman let go of the flag.

People also chanted “Ria, Ria, Norvégia” a play on the chant used on sports events, “Ria, Ria, Hungária”, referring to the ongoing series of disputes Norway has with the Hungarian government.
Recent protest have included EU and Norwegian flags.