Thousands of People Protest Against Orbán on Tuesday

According to the event’s Facebook page,  thirteen thousand people gathered in the center of Budapest on Tuesday to hear speeches and march to the parliament to show their displeasure with the current Fidesz government.

People were encouraged before the protest to show up with Hungarian and European Union flags.  Those who turned up to the protest brought flags, signs against the Fidesz government and plenty of patience in the winter cold. The march went from József Nádor Square via the banks of the Danube river to the Parliament.  People chanted slogans against Fidesz,  corruption, for democracy and the EU.


Once at the Kossuth Square in front of the Parliament people were met by a major force of riot police.  The police made sure to document the protest and had several video cameras with them.
Protesters chanted “where is the EU flag?”.   Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán had the flag removed from the Parliament’s facade and replaced it with the Székely flag of the Székely region in Romania.

Processed with VSCOcam

After the protest was officially over, a smaller number of people stayed at the square, and confronted the police forces. Two people sustained head injuries, and others were fired with paprika spray by the police.