Hungarian Police Bans Queer Pride Parade.

Sándor Steigler, leader of the ‘Rainbow Mission Foundation’, confirms this for  The police promises further orientation later.

The police did not give permission to this years Budapest pride parade, according to the internet portal on Monday.  The news were confirmed by Sándor Steigler, leader of the ‘Rainbow Mission Foundation’ (Szivárvány Misszió Alapitvány), and adds; ‘the police was already informed about it in September, but they wanted last week to make the parade longer, reaching the Parliament.
The event that they announced to the authorities for June 18 would touch the Heroes Square, Andrassy Boulevard, Bajcsy Zsilinsky Street as well as the Kossuth Square (infront of the Parliament).  The representative for the organization said: The planned end of the parade was to be at the Kossuth Square, but this was forbidden by the police.  The Budapest Police Authorities (BRFK) claims they decided this with concerns towards the traffic. BRFK promised the Hungarian MTI that they would give further orientation.

The Pride March’s organizers contacted September last year the Budapest Police Authorities (BRKF) to inform them about the itinerary of the 2011 march.  “In line with tradition we would have liked to march from the Andrassy Boulevard to the Elisabeth Square” says Sándor Steigler.  The police did not indicate that they had any objections, meaning that they had understood the itinerary of the march. The leader of the Rainbow Mission Foundation said that they will take the decision to court.

The Institute for a Democratic Alternative (IDEA) also made their objection to the ban of the march.  According to a statement quoted by, they write: “With this Hungary “got” another chance to get on the “map” of European Human Rights.  According to IDEA the Hungarian Police Authorities (BRFK) doesn’t only ignore the European Court of Human Right’s ruling, but conciders the march to be a matter of mass transportation safety. Whereas “the disproportionate damage to the traffic due to the event” arguement has not been used on other marches made on similar routes through Budapest, such as the march of the bicyclers, firemen, horse riders or the Gallant National Gallop.

LMP: This is unacceptable

LMP – Lehet Más a Politika (Politics Can Be Different Party) says it’s shocking that the police keeps on, dispite the change of government, the Medgyessy
Gyurcsány government’s politics on this issue, trying control the free rights of the people, Andras Schiffer reacts.
Another politician at the party underlines that he wants to be of legal assistance.  He stated that LMP would after such incidents use the same scale as they would with the far right wing, or pacifist marches.  He reminded of that when he in the summer told in the Parliament that they wish to control “Organizations standing close to Jobbik’s” rights to meet and assembly.