Constitution – Draft presented to President Schmitt

Budapest, March 14 (MTI) – The parliamentary leaders of the governing Fidesz-Christian Democratic party alliance presented a draft of Hungary’s new constitution to President Pal Schmitt in Budapest on Monday.

Fidesz group leader Janos Lazar asked the president to call upon all MPs to take part in the parliamentary debate over the draft.

The opposition Socialists and green Politics Can Be Different announced last year that they would boycott the drafting process because of the ruling party’s approach to the Constitutional Court.

Lazar asked the president to encourage civic organisations to expound their views about the draft.

The Fidesz group leader said that Parliament would discuss the draft supreme law for over a month and approve it on April 18, Easter Monday.

He noted that the body responsible for national consultations on the constitution had sent a questionnaire with 12 key issues to 8.5 million voters, and over 800,000 copies had already be returned.

Lazar said the draft left the question open whether voters with kids would get more votes in elections. The issue will be decided upon by Parliament, he said.

The Constitutional Court’s scope of authority is another matter for debate, Lazar said, adding that the new supreme law would not curtail the rights of the top court.