Hungarian nation’s unification should continue through constitution, says Tokes

Budapest, March 25 (MTI) – The unification process of the Hungarian nation should continue through the new constitution, Hungarian MEP of Romania, Laszlo Tokes said after his talks with Hungarian President Pal Schmitt in Budapest on Friday.

He said it was important that Hungary’s new supreme law would include in its main chapters a section stipulating that there is one Hungarian nation as a whole and the Hungarian state bears responsibility towards ethnic Hungarians in neighbouring countries,

In this framework, ethnic Hungarians beyond the borders should be given the right to vote in Hungary, said Tokes, adding that Schmitt had expressed agreement with this view.

Tokes said that as president of the Council of Autonomy for Hungarians in the Carpathian Basin (KMAT) he would initiate launching the Hungarian version of UNESCO’s World Heritage Programme, to be dubbed Hungarian National Heritage Programme.