Hungarian church leaders celebrate Easter

Budapest, April 24 (MTI) – Leaders of Hungary’s main Christian churches celebrated Easter services on Easter Sunday, the holiday of the resurrection of Jesus.

Cardinal Peter Erdo, archbishop of Budapest-Esztergom, said at a holy mass in Esztergom Basilica that “if Jesus gave us his life, we too should live in similarly profound love and then all the seemingly unsurmountable difficulties surrounding us will get a new dimension and all problems that seem to be unresolvable can be resolved.”

Reformed Bishop Gusztav Bolcskei, who delivered a sermon in the Great Church of Debrecen (E), said that God had provided an alternative to what we are unable to: crime, death and passion.

“There are false alternatives even in our vicinity. It is not an alternative if those who are dissatisfied with something walk out of Parliament or go to Gyongyospata [the site of recent ethnic tension]. These acts recall the passions of Good Friday and fail to lead to light and a solution,” he said.

Lutheran Bishop Peter Gancs, meeting his community in Deak Square Church, Budapest, called Easter the time “God gave us to rejoice and then return to everyday life victoriously”.

“We are often unable to enjoy the gift of freedom; on the contrary, we abuse it selfishly, in a way that destroys others,” the Lutheran bishop said.