Constitution – PM praises new supreme law as document of national revival

Budapest, April 23 (MTI) – Prime Minister Viktor Orban praised the new constitution, to be promulgated on Easter Monday, as the most important document for Hungary’s national revival, in an article published in national daily Magyar Nemzet on Saturday.

The prime minister called the removal of obstacles to revival as the most pressing common mission of all Hungarians. The constitution, he said, was the starting point of that mission.

The new constitution, approved by Parliament on April 18, is scheduled to be signed by President Pal Schmitt on Easter Monday. The basic law is to take effect on January 1, 2012.

The prime minister called the current supreme law, enacted in 1949 and totally revamped in 1989-1990, as a “constitution of fiascos”, one that failed to defend the nation from stockpiling huge external debts, from political lies, abuse of power, police brutality, economy decay, speculation, “offshore aristocrats”, criminals, extremist political groups and financial crisis.

The prime minister said the new constitution would restore the self-respect of Hungarians, give a boost to entrepreneurial spirit, intellectual energies and zeal to work, and encourage young people to have families and children.

“From now on, the country’s key economic interests, public security and the living conditions of families will be protected by the constitution,” said Orban.

In another development, the prime minister wished peaceful Easter holidays to the nation and welcomed the enactment of the constitution in a video message on Facebook.

Orban said the constitution would shield Hungarians from all ills “which they faced defencelessly during the past eight years”.