Todays News in Brief

News from Duna TV

Hungarian soldiers’ body to be brought back to Hungary.
The minister of defence said that so far in the past year 4 Hungarian soldiers have lost their lives in Afghanistan.

Hungarian Ambassador helps hostages to be freed in Tripoli.
2 American, 1 British and 1 Spanish journalist was freed from hostage in Libya with the help of the Hungarian ambassador to the country. They travelled afterwards to Tunisia in the Hungarian Ambassador’s car for return from there to their home countries. Hungary beeing the only EU country left with an embassy open in Libya worked with intense and enduring diplomatic work, said the Hungarian minister of foreign affairs, János Martonyi at a press conference.

The EU Roma stratergy has been approved by the ministers of social affairs of the EU member countries in Brussels.
The work for this strategy was prepared by the Hungarian EU Presidency. After the meeting the EU member countries wille each prepare their own strategies for the Roma population by the end of the year. This will then be evaluated in Brussels by the EU.
Social issues such as integration, living standard, high number in school drop-outs as well as lower life expectancy are some of the issues dealt with by the strategy.

RMDSZ (Romanian-Hungarian Democratic Alliance) threatens to leave coalition
The RMDSZ says that it will leave the coalition it is in if the Hungarian students will again would be deprived of the possibility to study the geography and history of Romania in their native language.  The parliament in Bucharest approved restricions to the use of the native language of the ethnic minority of Hungarians in the education system. The RMDSZ also dislikes that the coalition in Bucharest didn’t to anything to promote the law of miorities in Romania.